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The new SAND FLAG is a three pieces screw together unit which makes for easy storage. You can select how many pieces to use. The sand flag to meet requirements needs to be 3000mm from the ground.


Above Pictured ois the sand flag using two sections. If mounted on the roof rack only one section is required. The flag comes standard with a bull bar aerial mount attachment. The base can be left on the bull bar for easy application. The flag mast is made from fibreglass with stainless fittings and the flag is high visibility orange day glow with a silver cross.

Quick release connection

Why not protect your sandflag and keep it tidy with a  Sand Flag Bag

Sand Flag Bag

Sand Flag Base

 Sand Flag - 3 meters

 Sand Flag - 2 meters

 Sand Flag (replacement flag only)

Mesh Flag (reflective)

Replacement Orange Mesh Flag

The Sand Flag includes Plastic Coated Fibreglass Rod, with standard bolt on base, and Small Mesh Flag measuring 200mm x 180mm.