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Teardrop Flag Banners

Teardrop flags are by far the most multipurpose and visible promotional device available in the market today.

Customized teardrop flags provide the benefit of demonstrating your company logo or perhaps a message regardless of any weather conditions because they are not influenced by wind flow in order to fly. The size, appearance as well as the model of teardrop flags make them extremely visible and because of the several base choices, they’re suitable for inside or outside use.

Teardrop flags can make one of a kind, eye-catching results for inside and outdoor presentations, trade shows, store fronts, exclusive events…

Each and every Teardrop flag comes as a set. An entire set which includes

  • A solid yet transportable aluminum sectioned flexible type pole.
  • A base of your choosing
  • A digitally printed custom made flag.
  • A bag to transport the set which is Absolutely Free.

Teardrop flags are really easy to put together and they are totally interchangeable. Even when your requirements change from time to time, we are able to offer the flag only without the need of the actual pole. Therefore you can simply purchase a single pole set as well as numerous teardrop flags which means that you can easily change them as you require.

Right now there are two sizes of teardrop flags you actually can select from;

  • Pole size 4.3m with flag size 97cm x 300cm
  • Pole size 3.2m with flag size 75cm x 190cm

By using our state of the art printing methods, our teardrop flags are actually produced and printed to the exact same high specifications which the Australian Flag Makers are renowned for. Together with our customized flags, our teardrop flags are digitally printed and afterward heat set to actually ensure the flag is water resistant and extremely strong.

Our teardrop flags are digitally printed ensuring that the particular design is striking and vibrant no matter how complex the particular design maybe.

***Quotes are based on the options you select below in the quote form***

Full Set includes: 

1 Flag – 1 Pole – 1 carry bag – 1 Base

Teardrop Flags – Wing Banners:


Flag Size 190cm x 75cm – Pole Size 320cm


Flag Size 300cm x 97cm – Pole Size 440cm

Product Features:

Teardrop Flags Specs

Material: 120gsm knitted polyester
Black Reinforced header
Double stitched
Can be single sided or double sided 3 layers
Screen or Fully Digitally printed
Inks and Dyes have UV protection

Banner Poles:

Depending on the size there would be 3-4pcs.
Hardened Aluminum
Flexi top pole

Teardrop Banner Flag Packaging:

Teardrop Banners can be made two ways single sided and double sided.

Single sided print meaning the back side of the flags will be in reverse.

Double sided flags we print two teardrop banners sewn them together adding a middle blockout material. The blockout material means there is no see through. Both options are available.

Below are the base options available.

Ground Spike Base:  Suitable for soft ground for example grass areas, beach areas and garden beds.

4 Legs Steel Base: Suitable for hard ground for example indoor displays and exhibitions. We supply a 20cm spike that screws onto the bottom of the base incase you need to use this on soft ground areas. We also supply a free water bag that lays over base and acts as a weight.

Car Wheel Base: Suitable for real estate people that have open houses. The wheel of the car flag rolls over the base and stops it from moving about.

Wall Bracket: Suitable for mounting feather, teardrop and rectangle banners on walls. We supply all the bots needed to fix to an external wall.